Sunday, 20 July 2014

What is our greatest distraction?

Distractions are creations caused by the lack of ability to pay attention from the external and internal sources. Distractions take your attention away from what your doing and tasks at hand.

This loss of focus, loss of attention, loss of awareness can create confusion through mental turmoil from within, as well as creating physical turmoil through law of attraction as this creates a low energy resulting in conditions and obssessions. It can be intoxicating when your the centre of this audience, attention and the chaos thats happening around you. It is hard when we live in a world of emotional gratification and fast paced stimulation which regularly rewards us on the demands for our time and attention giving us no time to stop and think.

why do we create distractions?

Distractions are temptations to put aside goals, pain or anxiety. Distractions maybe being used as a coping stategies to distract from an activity by diverting and holding your attention. Thoughts are so attractive so once you are thinking negative, feeling negative, looking for that distraction you determine your EGS (emotional guidance system). Recognizing and identification of this EGS when you are deliberately are creating distractions within your or others lives which is creating an energy which is out of alignment.

what can be done to help me focus?

Humans are receptive beings and raising the harmony, energy, happiness and joy within our lives can attract love, be prosperous and create health. Deliberately setting intentions to start attracting circumstances to help not hinder your day is a good point to start. Valuing yourself and your time specifies the clarity and the power you can take back within yourself, this in turn gives your consciousiness the attention and focus it requires. Holistic Angelic Attunement therapy can help realignment energies within personal development.

This is when we need to ask ourselves..

So what is our greatest distraction?

The world we create around ourselves? lack of attention or focus? unrealistic expecations? A distraction doesnt pull you away from your primary goal, but reveals your true desires.

Maybe the real question you should be asking yourself..

Am I living in my truth?