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Who and What are Angels?

Angels are 7th dimensional, magnificent, highly evolved celestial beings that have a faster and lighter vibration than human beings, which makes them invisible to humans. Angels are born of love & light from gods thoughts and seeing god only ever thinks love and light there are alot of angels born ready to help and assist mankind. Traditionally known as agents of gods good, the word angel "Angelo's" is Greek and means "messenger". Angels serve messages to communicate gods will to mankind.

Angels have been well documented throughout history. Angels are mentioned more than three hundred times in sacred scripture, acting alone or in great gatherings, carrying out gods commands, forming a heavenly court, protecting and bringing messages to mankind. Angels have played crucial roles in the old testament, the Jewish Torah and Islamic Koran. Socrates would ask his guardian angel for advice, salvation Army founder General William Booth claimed to have seen angels & Abraham Lincoln said he felt the presence of angels frequently. Angels also appear in the works of Dante, Milton & Shakespeare.

Angels are always waiting, happy to help you at all times. whenever you have a problem or issue they are awaiting your permission for them to help. Angels cannot help you unless you ask. Under spiritual law angels cannot step in until you ask, as god has given mankind "freewill" which not even the angels can vacillate unless god intervenes on a life death basis say it wasn't your time to die only then angels can intervene from that higher level.

Angels cannot help anyone coming from a place of greed, they are always there only for your highest good.

Angels have chosen to serve mankind and are there to offer, support, heal and guide us all. They ask us not to worship them but bring awareness, offer us love and truth in forms we can understand and accept. We are surrounded by angels all we have to do is raise our consciousness to become aware of them and communicate with them.

You are never lost or alone angels are always with you. From the moment you ask to be brought to the earth plane you have angels with you. You, your angels and other higher beings plan your soul contact in order for you to fulfil your purpose on this plane. Your angels are with you the moment you are born as through the ellipse of being born we forget our purpose.

Angels have three basic purposes
  • To worship God
  • To serve as messengers between God & mankind
  • To act as our caretakers
While never interfering with our free will.


Angelic beings act as a gateway for information, knowledge & communication. They deal with all aspects of the universe. Angelic beings are different varieties Angels, Elemental beings, Archangels, Unicorns and Ascended Masters. They exist on different frequency energy levels. All angels beings connect to mankind on a heart level and different angelic beings can connect through the frequencies that match the ascension of the hologram templates in planted in our DNA. These beings create pathways to our higher ascension.

The Angelic Realm  

The angelic realm is made up in unique layers which are known as divinity. Made up in three spheres, these are categorised by their proximity to god. There are many layers to the angelic realm which are still unknown to mankind but starting with the lowest level which is the closet to humanity and moving higher, I will take you through the known ones.

These angels are closet to mankind. They are intermediaries between god and humanity. At this level you will find your guardian angels and angels that can help you with the everyday stuff like parking, getting to appointments on time and assistance.

These chief angels carry gods messages. They look after mankind's affairs. These angels stand at Gods throne ready to carry out divine & important messages to mankind. These angels have important roles to help humanity. The four main archangels are listed below

Michael = Protection, Blue Ray, Throat charka
Raphael = Healing, Green Ray, Heart Charka
Uriel = Insight and understanding, Ruby Ray, Root Charka
Gabriel = Messenger, Orange Ray, Sacral Charka

These Angels over see the nations of the world and connect angelic energies to countries which in turn helps mother earth to connect with the universe. These angels guide religions and religious leaders on the path of truth. The principalities also help our guardian angels to inspire us.

Also known as the Karmic Lords these angelic beings protect our souls and are keepers of the akashic records. they also keep the demons under control an prevent them over throwing the world. They are also known as the angels of death and re-birth, they guard the pathways to heaven and help guide lost souls back on the right path to heaven.

The Virtues can suspend the laws of nature to work miracles on earth. known as the shining ones they inspire and send courage. The virtues were also the midwives to Eve when she gave birth to Cain.

These angelic beings act as a channel for gods love through the energy of mercy and manifest gods majestic and where the physical and spiritual merge.

The thrones are always in the presents of god.They carry the energy of god in the form of divine justice. They allow the will of god to be made known to the ministering angels. The virgin Mary is a throne.

These cosmic beings hold the energies the universe and stars. These beings are formed so that can hold the Starseed programs for the new earth and are helping to create the vibrations to bring in the new age so it can raise the consciousness of humanity. 

known as the great illuminators and are the most light filled beings created. these beings have six wings and surround the throne of god. these beings sing the "trisagion" continually, a hymn to praise god that translate as Holy, Holy, Holy. the Kabalistic Tree ( Tree of Life) presides on this level.

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